Summer school in Milano 
Diaries of an ESR

So, I am at my one-year mark in ETOPIA project. Even though the pandemic was not in the picture when I applied for this project, that didn’t stop me from enrolling and acquiring new experiences. And there were plenty so far. From the start there were indications that the Covid19 pandemic will affect the original plan, but I kept my hopes up and voila, I am on a plane to Milano!


Thankfully, due to the efforts of ETOPIA organizers and my colleagues from Politecnico de Milano, a summer school was organized in person. I finally met my colleagues and professors, I’ve gotten to know them better and I also had an opportunity to present myself. It was a perfect combination of business and pleasure and the summer school was packed with activities. We played paddle, had many interesting lectures and chatted in between. I had a chance to listen to modern problems and solutions in electromagnetic compatibility area and the most interesting part for me was using green energy. Through some interesting questions and discussions that followed I understood that even though the world is moving at a slow pace it’s on the right track and Europe as a leader in green energy usage will try it’s best to maintain the right course in the future. The number of plants using renewable energy sources are growing, there are new ways for reduction of CO2 emissions and electric cars are paving their path.

Also, all of the ESRs presented their research results and had a chance to exchange comments and suggestions that broadened our views even more and gave us new ideas for future work. And as our topics defer so does our origin. In ETOPIA project the students come from five continents and eleven states so you can imagine my excitement when I met them all and had a chance to hear about their culture, religion and way of life.

When I was by myself, I used my free time to walk around the city center and around campus. I saw the beautiful cathedral Duomo di Milano, National history museum, National theater Teatro alla Scalla, a few statues and many more monuments. I was lucky to be in the center when Filarmonica della Scalla performed beautiful music for the people, including the works of Felix Mendelssohn, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Sergei Prokofiev. I also tried Italian cuisine, such as pizza, pasta, cappuccino and the famous ice cream.

All in all, I am very grateful for this opportunity, and if all goes well I am coming back next year to continue my research!

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