EMC MARATHON 2022 Binational Edition Part 7: Poland – Denmark

Douglas and Amr

On 21st April, between 12:15 and 13:30 the ESRs Douglas Nascimento (ESR9) and Amr Madi (ESR10) provided technical presentations on the live webinar “EMC MARATHON 2022 Binational Edition Part 7: Poland – Denmark” regarding “EMI/EMC Modeling and Assessment in Power Electronics” as shown in Figure 1.

The talk titles are shown in Figure 2. 

In fig. 3 it’s shown the cover page of Douglas’s presentation. 

This presentation addresses a prototyping power electronics control in order to assess EMI levels in a testbench having the inverter as DUT. It shows basically the EMI mitigation techniques from the point of view of source (through switching control in different SPWM parameters settings) and by the path (using AC and DC side filters). The setup used is shown in fig. 4.

The next presentation were presented by ESR 10 Amr Madi. He presented the results regarding the control algorithms used to mitigate the electromagnetic interference of modular multilevel converter (MMC). Figure 5 shows the cover page of the presentation while figure 6 shows the system structure and parameters

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