Secondment at University of Zielona Gora

Back in Autumn 2021, I went to University of Zielona Gora (UZ), Poland, to fulfil my academic secondment, which is a mandatory requirement by the Marie Curie Horizon 2020 ETOPIA project. This secondment is started 2 years ago virtually with the PhD researchers of both ETOPIA and SCENT projects. However, going there in person is a must to get personal experiences and to do laboratory experiments.

My journey started from Milano to Warsaw on December 1,2021. On my way in Warsaw, I met my colleague ‘’Waseem El Sayed’’, a PhD researcher at UZ under SCENT project and we went together to Zielona Gora. To be honest he made my journey easier because my flight was in the night and in small cities like Zielona Gora it could have been very difficult to reach to my hotel. The next day, I started my Lab experiment about “Black-Box modelling of power converters and, study of the coexistence between power and data lines in Power Line Communication systems (PLC)”.

During my 17 days stay at Zielona Gora, I tried to collect many data for modelling of power converters. Further, I performed several lab experiments to see the interference between power and data lines specially when randomly modulated power converters coexist with PLC systems. I found the lab at UZ is more convenient and equipped to support my analytical and simulation-based results with Lab experiment. Of Couse, this kind of secondments are very useful to exchange data and experiences with other researchers. 

Besides the academic activities, I got a chance to visit a city of Zielona Gora. Coming from big cities like Milan, this city is very small and quiet. I also enjoyed the weather which is relatively very cold and snowing all the time. I would like to thank ETOPIA project for including me in this project and journey. I would take this opportunity to thank Prof. Flavia Grassi, Prof. Robert Smolenski and Jan Beerens, for organizing this secondment. Moreover, I would like to thank my colleagues Waseem El Sayed, Amr Madi, Douglas do Nascimento and Hermes Loschi, to make my secondment very fruitful.

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